Things to consider when betting on cricket online

Cricket is without a doubt the most popular sport in the subcontinent, and especially in India. It is fast growing in popularity worldwide with more and more countries playing the sport and competing at the international stage.

Betting on cricket on platforms like weclub has been around the corner since a long time. Online cricket betting has given the bettors a faster and easier way to wage stakes on events in a cricket match, whether it is before the match starts or while the match is in-play.

As bettors start discovering these top online betting sites, one thing they cannot overlook are the free cricket betting tips. If you’re a novice, these cricket betting tips may come handy when you place your first online cricket bets.

What are cricket betting tips and why should you bother?

Cricket betting tips basically give you an idea of the betting markets available to bet on, the odds offered by the top betting sites for these markets, and the likeliness of an event to occur.

For example, a good cricket betting tip for a Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan ODI match would include the odds in the Match Winner market for both the teams, from at least two different online betting sites, the likeliness of Afghanistan (or Sri Lanka) winning the match based on previous records, player performances, and team statistics in relation to the ground and the pitch.

Websites offering cricket betting tips also offer tips on betting markets other than the Match Winner. Betting markets like top team batsman, top team bowler, highest partnership, are just a few among the many betting markets available in a typical cricket match.

The selections offered for these markets vary depending on the prediction. When you follow cricket betting tips from authority sites that publish regular cricket news, and updates, you can keep yourself updated with the recent team changes, player performances/form that are crucial while making predictions in the betting markets. Another aspect of cricket betting that you should know before you enter online cricket betting is the In-Play betting feature offered by most of the top cricket betting sites.

In-Play betting

In-Play betting allows you to place bets on a live cricket match that is on TV. You can predict the runs off the 1st ball of the next over, or runs scored in the next 5 overs, the next batsman to get out, the method of dismissal, runs scored by the batsman at the crease before he gets out, and many more.

Remember the selections, and the odds for these betting markets offered in-play change at every ball or every over depending on the market. So, you need to be sharp when playing in-play betting.

Check out the reviews of the top cricket betting sites in India to get an idea of all the features offered by these sites including In-Play betting.

If you’re new to the online betting game, it is a good practice to steer away from betting gurus who claim to know the exact results of any upcoming match. Rely on your wit, stats, and cricketing knowledge gained from latest updates, news, and make the best use of your betting experience when waging cricket bets.

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