How Did Cricket Influence the Gambling Industry So Much?

Cricket is the most popular sport in several countries around the world. It may not have the same popularity as football, but this sport is adored by millions of fans. It has influenced many cultures and individuals. Thousands of children around the globe see some of cricket’s brightest stars as icons and role-models.

Throughout the years, cricket and gambling have had a close relationship which you can check out here at People started wagering their money on this sport as early as the 16th century. The original gambling activity in this sport was via placing bets, but today, the activity evolved and you can see many online casino sites offering various games with cricket teams. We want to provide you with an explanation as to what exactly are online casinos and how were they influenced by cricket.

The Development of Online Casinos

The first online casino was established back in 1994, but their popularity wasn’t that big. All of that changed in 2015 after these sites had a massive spike in traffic. Millions of people started favouring casino sites over land-based casinos due to the higher payout percentages, numerous bonuses and promotions, availability, security, and fair play.

In 2019, online casinos had total global revenue of over $60 billion, with experts believing that that number will likely double in the next 2 years. Needless to say, online casinos are a new way of gambling in the world.

Different Jackpots to Win Money

All of the featured games at online casinos like have tremendous rewards. The most popular games are the slots because they are extremely simple to play and players have multiple options as to choosing different jackpots to win money with. These games are also created by some of the best providers in the world which means that the graphics are high and players will have a unique experience.

Cricket’s Involvement

Like we mentioned earlier, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. An interesting fact concerning cricket and online gambling is this: cricket’s biggest fans come from India and the UK, which also happen to be the two most sought out markets for the online gambling industry.

So how did cricket manage to influence online casinos? Numerous casino sites around the world started featuring various games with the cricket club and national teams, as well as players as themes. Statistics have shown that most of the cricket fans are more than willing to place bets and are open to the idea of online gambling.

By considering that fact, online casinos started featuring these cricket-themed games as a way to attract the fans at their websites. After all, it’s a win-win situation. Casino sites have an increased number of players, while the players who are willing to participate in these gambling activities are in for a treat. Providers have made the games extremely fun and exciting. Add the fact that their quality is top-notch and the rewards are tremendous, and you can come to the conclusion that both parties are pleased with what they get.

Of course, some of the fans are still favouring betting on the games over the casino games, but online casinos have found a way to amuse these players and reward them on the way. Some slots with cricket teams and players as themes have the previously mentioned jackpots which can be as high as $1 million. With a prize that high, you can easily come to the conclusion as to why cricket fans adore these games. They are cheap to play and carry massive rewards.

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