Where has the talent gone in Pakistan?

There is no doubt that Pakistan still has some amazing talent, whether it is with ball or bat. But, you just cannot compare any of the current crop to Pakistan’s legends of yesteryear. Players like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Shoaib Akhtar, Javed Miandad, Inzamam-ul-Haq or Saeed Anwar are not appearing these days. People accuse the system and the selection criteria of the PCB, but the PCB has always been the same. Then, what is the reason that Pakistan is not producing the classy players it used to? To me, Pakistan cricket is suffering due to the vanishing trend of tape ball cricket in the streets of Pakistan and this decline is perhaps due to the following reasons.

Pakistan isn't producing players like Inzamam-ul-Haq these days


Technology Influence

There used to be cricket in every street and ground in Pakistan. Kids had to reach their chose playing spot early, so that they could get the best spot to play in. But, unfortunately, the grounds and streets are empty today. You don’t need to rush to capture the best place in the ground or street. One of the reasons behind it is the excessive use of technology. Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation have resulted in kids opting to sit in their air conditioned rooms and play video games. Also, the use of social media sites and smartphones has taken kids away from physical sports.

The Increased Pressure of Studies

As the pressure of keeping a respectable academic career is increasing around the globe, it is no different in Pakistan. However, the difference between the rest of the world Pakistan is that there is almost no cricket in Pakistani schools or at college level. The majority students are pressured to achieve good grades by the schools and their parents/guardians; in order to make their parents and teachers proud they have to forego such activities as cricket. The world is getting more competitive day by day, but parents and teachers should encourage kids to play physical sports like cricket as it is good for their health too.

Law and Order

The whole world is well aware of the poor law and order situation in Pakistan. Where terrorism has taken the peace away, it also has snatched at the glory of Pakistan cricket. The absence of international cricket from Pakistan has harmed the game at grass roots level. It has somewhat somehow lessened the passion for cricket in Pakistan, with youngsters not being able to see the game at the highest level first hand. Other than that, incidents of gunfire and bomb blasts here and there have isolated the youth from the streets. The trend of night matches in the street has declined.

The solution for making Pakistan is the revival of street cricket. Pakistan has always produced raw talent. The day Pakistani youths hit the streets and the playgrounds with bat and ball hand will be the day a new era of Pakistan cricket commences.

By Arslan Sheikh

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One comment on “Where has the talent gone in Pakistan?

  1. Shahzad Ali Khan November 12, 2013 at 5:20 am -

    Well i had an opportunity to watch the highlights of the 5th ODI of Pakistan vs South Africa series undergoing in Emirates.

    As i came closer to watch the innings of UMAR AKMAL I noticed something unusual! So i feel like to share with you guys,
    Wot I saw was As Umar Akmal reaches 16* he played a lose cut short just like having a practice session with wicket keeper and unluckyly for “both” him & wicket keeper ,he was dropped!!
    Now as soon as Umar Akmal reaches 20* he signaled someone through dressing room for “New gloves”( as mentioned by many bookies that players uses different signals to convey and recieve messeges in order to apply next action) so as i was watching this through highlights couldn’t able to see what happend next cause they skipped that part during highlights.
    Now Umar Akmal reaches 27* here he played another much loose short than before on leg side like giving player a catching practice and again the fielder dropped that, badluck for both again!!
    It was like Umar Akmal keeps trying to get rid of himself from chasing the target and so he did as his score reaches exact 30* in duminy’s first over he played another loose short while playing an spinner’s straight ball pitched in line across got out LBW, and guess what??? Whithout even asking his partner on the other end Sohaib Maqsood he asked for the reply right away so that nobody can doubt him and thinks that he was very angry about the decision but this time fortunately for both Umar Akmal & South Africa decision turned out in favour of both!

    This is my observation, you may agree or disagree whats going on there, but if its true they must be hanged for being unfaithful to their country and must set an example for peoples like this!!

    (Shahzad Ali)