The Effects of Coronavirus on the World of Cricket

Cricket is one of the most widely famous sports across the world and is played in almost every country on earth on either large or small scales. Much to the delight of every cricket lover, many cricket leagues are being played in one country or another throughout the year, and there is never a dull moment for the enthusiastic cricket fans who enjoy watching the sport just as much as playing it. Apart from the various cricket leagues that take place every year, the Cricket World Cup is organised by International Cricket Council every four years.

However, these high spirits of cricket lovers across the world have been greatly affected due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus which has now become pandemic. Unfortunately, this deadly disease has also made its impact on cricket just like all other elements of our lives. The risk of spreading this disease to large crowds of people as well as the players has led to cancellation and/or postponement of matches being held worldwide. The famous cricket leagues and activities affected by this pandemic include Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Everest Premier League, ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Challenge League A, and India v South Africa ODI Series among many others.

Even though times are hard for every sports fan, and especially cricket fans, across the world; you should not feel disheartened as we have brought you a list of entertaining and healthy alternative activities to let you have some fun time while we are all stuck inside our homes.

Online cricket

We know how passionate you are about cricket and without it, life seems to be too dull and boring. Worry not, because it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You now have an amazing chance to play cricket online when you can’t play with your friends in real life. brings you a wide variety of cricket-related games that you can choose from and play all day long!

Online casino

What can be more entertaining in this stressful time than a relaxing game of online poker, roulette, or even gambling just the way you do in cricket! If you want to spend this free time in a highly productive yet extremely amusing manner, do visit which is an all-in-one site offering a plethora of online casino games. The best part about Hindi Slots is that you can now enjoy a completely realistic casino experience from the comfort of your own home! Here, you can choose from the wide variety of casino games offered and play whichever game suits you best. Not only this, but you can also avail the unique opportunity of playing in this online Indian casino for real money!

Enjoy Reruns of Previous Cricket Leagues

Being a true cricket fan, you too miss watching cricket like us. Don’t worry anymore, because lets you watch reruns of all the past cricket matches that have taken place worldwide. That’s definitely something to look forward to during this boring quarantine!

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