Test Match Sofa

We have teamed up with Test Match Sofa to bring you their live, hilarious, alternative commentary of all England’s matches right here on The Cricket Blog.

Just click on the player below and you’ll hear what they have to say.

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4 comments on “Test Match Sofa

  1. LOL… this is really hilarious guys – I imagine this would make a great cricket cartoon skit. There’s certainly one that could be done on the dreaded cricket commentator’s curse – it seemed to consistently plague all teams including England during the entire world cup this year!

  2. I really loved this… so funny! Wish you chaps had marketed it a bit more before the cricket world cup final – think it would have gone down really well!

    Doesn’t really qualify as test match stuff, but hope you do something for the IPL final too – think you’d have a huge audience for it.


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