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  • How good is Steve Smith?

    How good is Steve Smith?

    Very, is the obvious answer to the question in the title and it’s tempting to leave the debate there. But that wouldn’t be overly interesting as a blog post. The word ‘great’ gets bandied about with flippant regularity and the question of who is the greatest of our times is likely to be dictated by […]

  • Mankads, umpires and cheats  – IPL2019

    Mankads, umpires and cheats  – IPL2019

    The spirit of cricket is alive and well; or is it? The Indian Premier League isn’t a week old and we’ve have had dodgy run outs, dissent at umpiring decisions and coaches arguing with officials on the field. There has also been some decent cricket. R Ashwin started the bickering when he Mankaded Jos Buttler […]

  • IPL 2019 preview and predictions

    IPL 2019 preview and predictions

    It’s back – the glitziest, most glamorous, most over hyped T20 tournament on the planet is back! The Indian Premier League (IPL) is loved by some, loathed by others, but compelling viewing for all cricket fans. We take a look at the runners and riders this season and dip a toe into the murky waters […]

  • Do India have the batting power for the World Cup?

    Do India have the batting power for the World Cup?

    With the World Cup coming sharply into view, time is all but up for teams to make serious adjustments to their plans. We’re into a period of fine tuning. India, tournament favourites along with the hosts, England, have been putting the finishing touches to their preparations. In what looks set to be an aggressive tournament […]

  • Cricket predictions 2019

    Cricket predictions 2019

    Welcome to the cricketing year of 2019! What does it have in store? Well, we’ve reached for our crystal ball to try and find out. There’s plenty to look forward to, with the World Cup, the Ashes and the start of the Test Championship. Who will be the major movers and shakers? Will the terrible […]

  • Root’s form a concern for England

    Root’s form a concern for England

    There are few doubts over the identity of England’s best Test batsman. It’s Joe Root. At his best, he is an effortless batsman, capable of scoring at will in any gap. The problem is, he hasn’t been at his best for a while now and his form is a major contributor to England’s current top […]

  • Virat Kohli’s final frontier

    Virat Kohli’s final frontier

    The great batsmen dominate everywhere. They pile on the runs at home and they lead the assault away, too. There’s no doubting Virat Kohli’s standing as a modern great, indeed he’s probably the best ODI batsman of all time. But in Test cricket, he has one obvious black mark against him which stands out like […]