Life as a village cricketer

Pre season has finished and it’s time for the proper action to commence. Nets will only take you so far in the white hot competitive environment of the village green… Out there you’re on your own!

Everyone has to put the training hours in

Just as well the season at Englefield Green kicks off with a couple of friendlies. It’s just a shame I’ve got a wedding to go to on the second weekend.

I’m really looking forward to the new season. It’ll be my first as a captain and that, for the time being at least, is making me look forward to the season ahead. The 2nd XI didn’t win a game last year, so it can’t get any worse in 2013!!

I’m also looking forward to using my new bat. I’ve had a mixed time in nets, but had a good session with a bowling machine a couple of weeks ago. It gave me plenty of time to iron out a couple of issues and I managed to start finding the middle of my Slazenger V100.

As I’ve mentioned before, the TAS inserts make a real difference and expand the size of the bat’s sweet spot. The time spent on the bowling machine was a good opportunity to work on footwork and timing and it also enabled me an opportunity to work through defensive, as well as aggressive play. Even in defence, with good timing and placement, there was enough power through the bat to generate scoring opportunities.

That said, however, a bowling machine in a heated sports hall on a Sunday evening is a different experience altogether compared to being out in the middle, but the portents are good.

Hopefully the optimism of a new season can carry over into the summer this year. There will inevitably be a few low scores, but hopefully there will be a few high ones, too.

I’m aiming to average in double figures this season. I managed this easily in 2011, averaging 20 for the season, but fell away drastically last year, averaging a very embarrassing four! Like all bad workmen the tools have been blamed, so there are no excuses this season…

Another source of blame last season was the weather. Out of 17 league games, seven were rained off. That helped no one. It was snowing in London 10 days ago but the sun was shining this past weekend and long may that continue.

I’ll be back again in a couple of weeks to let you know how it’s going…

By Miles Reucroft

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5 comments on “Life as a village cricketer

  1. Go for it, skipper!

    BTW, the 2nd XI did win a game…
    Away at Ham and Petersham, Sept 8th 2012
    It was a cracker, mainly thanks to Bandrews’s 43.

    Good luck.

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