Kevin Pietersen fiasco ends with India return

I won’t profess to know or remember all of the details because they died of boredom in my mind a long time ago, but I’m delighted, as a fan of English cricket, that Kevin Pietersen is back.

Giles Clarke, left, and Kevin Pietersen map out Pietersen's return to the England team in Colombo

There were some text messages, some press conferences, a weird YouTube video, P***s Morgan and an uncomfortable apology.

The press conference in Colombo during the ICC World T20 was the weirdest of the lot. Giles Clarke and Kevin Pietersen sat side by side, mapping out KP’s return to the England team.

One wasn’t left with the impression that these two get on. The room wouldn’t normally have been big enough for both of their egos but this was a conciliatory KP, sat looking like a reprimanded schoolboy next to the headmaster figure of Clarke.

The mind wondered back to the sight of Clarke skipping gaily across Lord’s like a besotted schoolgirl (plenty of school analogies here) to the touching down helicopter of the apple of his eye – a fat Texan billionaire with roaming hands and a Perspex vault containing sufficient money to cause a stir in Clarke’s pants.

Those dreams of Clarke’s, to keep English cricket out of the clutches of those nasty Indians and their IPL, lie rotting in an America prison. Clarke’s refusal to see the bigger picture then, as KP has done now, resulted not in his resignation.

You feel he’d have been happy to hang KP out to dry as he groped at the moral high ground by mentioning prisoners and reformation in Colombo.

In the battle of who has the biggest ego and who has brought the biggest humiliation upon English cricket in recent years there is only one winner. Take a bow, Giles Clarke.

Anyway, a reconciled KP has been accepted back into the bosom of the England squad by Cooky, Belly, Swanny, Jimmy, Broady and the boys and the middle order looks to have found its spine.

Whatever your views on KP the man, a man at least as much sinned against as sinner, cricket, particularly for England, is much poorer without him.

Welcome back KP. We need you.

By Miles Reucroft

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3 comments on “Kevin Pietersen fiasco ends with India return

  1. I thought we might have seen the last of this self-regarding individual. A good team is greater than the sum of its parts; a team with Pietersen in it is disadvantaged from the start.