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In-play betting or live betting is betting from a site like Pointsbet during the event immediately after the sporting event starts up until the end of the event. This type of betting is almost always exclusively on sporting events. Most in-play betting is via online sportsbook website but can also take place in physical betting shops or on the phone. The advantage of online sportsbook sites is that the odds are updated instantly. In-play betting offers cricket punters are an excellent opportunity to open and close bets as the match ebbs and flows. Let’s take a look at how you can use in-play betting to your advantage during a test match.

Before placing an in-play bet, you will need to check that you have an account set up with one of the various online cricket betting sites like LV BET or Bet365. Also, check that you have deposited enough money to place your in-play bet(s).

In-play Betting on Test Match Cricket

As we all know, test match cricket can go for up to 5 days, and there are a significant number of external factors beyond each teams’ abilities which affect the outcome. The state of the pitch, weather, the winner of the coin toss or injuries. Each of these events can have a significant impact on the eventual winner and also betting events within the game itself.

For example, the 2005 Ashes series in England was rocked by a last-minute injury to the worlds best bowler, Glenn McGrath. You may recall that he rolled his ankle on a cricket ball during warm-up of the second test. Australia went onto narrowly lose the series without its best bowler. Just before the injury, Australia were heavy favourites to win the match. Using in-play betting, a wise bet would have been on England to win or at least not lose the match. This is a classic example of an external factor shaping the odds. If you had been quick enough placing a bet on England, you would have returned five times your money. Of course, individual performances within a test match can dramatically change the odds.

Taking another example from the more recent Ashes test series in England. Steve Smith produced arguably the greatest batting performance of any recent test series. With Australia at 8-122 in the first innings, England were heavy favourites to win the match. Enter Steve Smith who wacks 144 and the odds swing back to evens. One method of using in-play betting would have been to bet 25% of your total wager pot when Smith reached 50. It’s a risk sure, but his record in England is Bradman -like.

In-play betting allows punters to enter and exit positions as odds change. You can take advantage of these changes as the test match favours one team over the other. Keep an eye on player form and external factors like rain for your chance to maximise your returns.

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