England humiliated in Jamaica

The ghost of Caribbean tours past visited England with a vengeance in Jamaica as they crashed to a defeat every bit as humiliating, if not more so, than any they suffered in the dark days of the 1980s. I say more so because this time, far from being brought down by the dominant force in world cricket, they were playing a team ranked 7th in the world in test cricket, a team who have won 1 live test match in the past 6 years, with only 1 bowler ranked in the world’s top 20.

Huge congratulations of course must be extended to the West Indies who were on top for most of the game, even before England’s complete capitulation. It is great to see them with a spring in their step again and many will hope that this is the start of a longer-term recovery. Chris Gayle has the makings of a fine captain and has demonstrated greater responsibility with the bat, and they were spearheaded heroically by the ever-improving Jerome Taylor. There is definite promise there.

Momentum is a crucial ingredient in cricket and England currently possess none of it, remaining without an international victory this winter. Can they turn it around? The cricket blog will be taking a more detailed look at England’s predicament when the contributor’s head has stopped spinning.

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