• Misbah ul Haq has turned Pakistan into a nigh on unbeatable side in their adopted home of the UAE.

    Kings of the desert

    16 Tests, nine wins, five draws and two defeats – Pakistan have been the toughest of propositions since their enforced exile to the UAE commence...

  • Younis Khan has been a rock for Pakistan for 14 years. Recently, he has been a rock for the sport, showing that some things remain constant during a turbulent time for the sport.

    The cricket world just keeps on spinning

    It would be easy to conclude after the past couple of months that cricket had stopped. There was an explosive autobiography, a host of bowlers were ba...

  • The hair, the earring, the attitude, the swagger... It was obvious from the start that KP was not cut from the same cloth as the usual England cricketer

    The quintessentially un-English Englishman

    You don’t need to hear Kevin Pietersen speak, about himself or anyone else, and you don’t need to hear a single story about him from his legion of fan...

  • Sunil Narine's action has led to him being banned. Does it really need removing from the game?

    Bent arms and broad bats

    The recent spate of bowlers who have been called for, and subsequently banned for, ‘chucking’ the ball in their action has brought to mind the fairnes...

  • Dalton_cricket_pitch_onlookers

    Life as a village cricketer

    Unfortunately this season did not quite pan out as I had hoped. I have only been able to play in four games since the end of June and, alas, not one o...

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Three games; one defeat, a wash-out and a, yes you guessed it, win – enough to make June a month to live long in the memory! ... Life as a village cricketer